Getting to Know Aisha Henderson


I’m Ms. Henderson and I focus on developing bespoke websites utilizing WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, Sass and CSS. After earning my Bachelors in Computer Science, I began my career as a website manager for a boutique firm in Atlanta, Ga. A few years later I decided to branch out as an entrepreneur.

As the founder and director of A.H. Web Design I find myself reading about the latest web technologies as the major part of my daily routine. A few years ago there were some intriguing articles surfacing about Sass. It wasn’t until last years’ WordCamp, listening to Suzette Franck speak on the topic, I was actually inspired to dive deep into the pre-processor. Since then I’ve been in love with all things Sass! I speak about Sass and Web Design at a few High Schools in the Atlanta area and attend the Atlanta Sass meet up group monthly. I’m a huge fan of WordPress and have been working with the CMS since version 2.9 (Carmen McRae). I’ve developed over 90% of my client’s sites using WordPress as the foundation.

Feel free to ask me any questions about Web Design, WordPress, Sass or to simply say hi 🙂
tweet: @ah_webdesign

WCATL 2015 Session – Sass and WordPress: Enhancing Your Front-End Workflow

An awesome workflow can save you many hours, which in turn provides more freedom to spend time doing things to relax your mind 🙂
I will cover how to start your theme development with Sass and WordPress, using Underscores as the starter theme. While this session is geared towards beginning WordPress theme designers I recommend this for anyone inquiring about Sass and it’s awesome features. Let’s Get Sassy!

The goal is to walk away with a basic understanding of:

  • Using GUIs with Sass
  • Sass Folder structure
  • Some of Sass Features:
    • Variables
    • Nesting
    • Partials
    • @mixins
    • functions
    • @extend
    • Conditions
    • Sass Maps
  • Source Mapping using Chrome DevTools
  • AutoPrefixer