Getting to Know Heather Solos


Heather Solos has been blogging since 2004, professionally since 2006. Coincidentally this is when she made the switch to WordPress and she hasn’t looked back. She runs in her spare time, a site that averages 250k pageviews a month. She joined FeedBlitz, an RSS and email marketing company in 2012 where she built the customer service team. She lives in the Lowcountry of South Carolina with her three kids and is happy to talk about whatever shiny thing has her attention on Twitter.

WCATL 2015 Session – 5 Plugins for List Building

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2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Heather Solos

  1. gail

    Will you be featuring the 5 plugins for building lists in a future webinar or ebook/blog post?


    Looking to build my oil and yoga lists!

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