Getting to Know James Laws


In any business someone needs to steer the ship. As the Co-founder and CEO this is what James does for the WP Ninjas with great joy. Having co-created the increasingly popular Ninja Forms and the first of it’s kind Ninja Demo WordPress plugins, he is always looking for the next innovation or market where the ninjas can have the greatest impact.

With over 14 years of experience in web design and development, internet marketing, business management, and public speaking, James has had his hands in every aspect of running successful and not so successful businesses. He has led everything from churches and charities to coffee shops and Web Development Shops.

WCATL 2015 Session – Your Web Form Stinks, But It Doesn’t Have To: Increasing Conversion by Building Better Forms

We have forms on our sites because we want people to interact with us. Whether it’s signing up for your newsletter, submitting a project request, filling out a support request, checking out at your online store, or just reaching out through a basic contact form, getting people to click the submit button is the final step they many never get to. Unless you make some changes.

The tool you use to create forms isn’t as important as how you use it. There is a science behind form conversions, and with a little tweaking, you can increase your own form conversions exponentially. Having been immersed in the web form world for over 3 years and supporting and evaluating tens of thousands of web forms, I’ve learned a lot of techniques to ensure that your forms are optimized for user conversion and not avoidance.

This presentation will cover both industry standards and my own professional experience to help you create a web form that does exactly what you want… get people to click submit.