Getting to Know Melissa Eggleston

I’m a content strategist and user experience specialist on a mission to connect people through the web. I work for non-profits, businesses, and universities who need user-friendly websites with memorable content. I also consult for website development firms when they have clients who require content or user experience expertise. Sometimes I give talks on how to improve websites.

I have experience and training in these areas:

  • content strategy
  • usability and user experience design
  • photography and video
  • writing and editing
  • graphic design

When I’m not working, I like to be outside or on my yoga mat as much as possible. You can often find me with my two favorite people in the world – my husband Josh and my daughter Parker.

WCATL 2015 Session – Top Strategies for Better Photography on Your Website

Visuals are important to engage website users, but often photos are put on a website without sufficient thought. What’s the difference between an average photo and one that wows? What do website users like to see? How do you decide which are the best photos to use from a photoshoot? Does the rise in mobile affect your choices? How do you manage a professional photographer — or get great photos when you have to DIY?

Receive helpful answers from an experienced content strategist trained in visual communication. Get practical tips to improve the photography on your site now and make your websites users happy.

You will:

  • Understand the difference between an average and a great photo
  • Learn what is most attractive to website users, based on usability and eye-tracking research
  • Discover how to avoid common photo pitfalls by looking at example websites, both good and bad.