Topic Tracks for Everyone

Whether you’re a first time attendee or a veteran, here is some useful information on how the weekend will be laid out so you can start to plan what tracks, sessions, and panels you’d like to attend.


Not beginner developers. Or beginner designers. We mean people who have heard about WordPress, yet have never gotten started. Or those of you who tried to get started, yet quickly became overwhelmed.

The Beginner Workshop offers the newest of users a simple, easy to follow program of presentation and hands-on learning. From the start of the day to the end, you will be guided through the process of publishing and editing content on a website you can continue to use after WordCamp.


Saturday and Sunday features four “Tracks” (All Users, Designers, Developers, and Business) – each are made up of six sessions per day. You are more than welcome to bounce back and forth between tracks! We just broke them up so it’s clear what the sessions in the tracks will be focused on.

Track 1: All Users

While the other tracks are focused on specific uses for WordPress (designers, developers and business), this track is full of useful sessions to help you understand more about marketing and WordPress in general.

Track 2: Designers

Design covers more than just modifying or building a theme. Our goal is to give you an enormous amount of help whether you’re just getting into design or do it for a living.

So, if you or anyone you know has ever wanted to get into WordPress Design, or you are already a designer looking to sharpen your skills, this track is for all of you.

Track 3: Developers

Development is more than just building plugins. It’s about understanding the full WordPress stack and using the known best practices across the entire software engineering industry to better the community.

So, if you or anyone you know is an Advanced WordPress user, or you are already a pretty good developer looking to sharpen your skills, this track is for all of you.

Track 4: Business

Many thousands of people use WordPress to help earn a living, from agencies to freelancers to bloggers and more. This track has sessions intended to help you grow your WordPress-focused business.

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  1. Donna Pickering

    I wish I could attend all classes at once. 🙂 Will we be able to collect material packets from each class (handouts, etc.)?

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